Blodwyn Pig
Dear Jill
Ahead Rings Out
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NeilBlanchard  (Greater Boston area, Massachusetts Eaarth)
18:20:57+00 , - :

Still a 2 ...  plodding and awkward.
LowPhreak  (Divided Corporate States of Neo-Feudal Murikka, Inc.)
06:43:59.4223+00 , - :

If they put lipstick on that pig it would still be...a pig!
misterbearbaby  (It's still 1972)
20:01:36.1224+00 , - :

 boxofrain wrote:
Haven't thought of the Pig in at least 40 years!

Ditttttto! ...well, except I played their LP last month. A cornerstone of my dusty slightly disturbing collection of 5000 or so albums! 
misterbearbaby  (It's still 1972)
19:59:52.7102+00 , - :

Thanks RP! The Rock-'n-Roll TIme Tunnel
Time Tunnel!
19:26:25.0518+00 , - :

Haven't thought of the Pig in at least 40 years!
02:30:51.9198+00 , - :

Love this tune, the slide says so  much.
thewiseking  (New York, New York)
14:50:46.0284+00 , - :

We've heard from all of those the Lil Red Rooster influenced. Now, howzabout some Howlin Wolf?!
epiclectic  (O.C. Southern California)
01:52:51.1007+00 , - :

Excellent, Bill.  Got that album framed and hanging on the wall of my den... a classic.  More is acceptable.
hayduke2  (Southampton, NY)
22:40:44.8284+00 , - :


gonna dig "See My Way" now  
22:36:25.7557+00 , - :

{#Guitarist} so many of these members went on to great bands / the the pig is the bomb
11:46:45.52093+00 , - :

London blues at it's best
14:14:45.17488+00 , - :

I have not heard this in years.  I played this album to death back in the day.  Thanks, Bill
fitmartin  (mountains, rivers, and forests southeastern British Columbia)
13:20:30.35213+00 , - :

 dubberdan wrote:
Cracking track {#Devil_pimp}

a 10 for all the right elements, 3 Michelin stars!  {#Hearteyes}
publiceric  (San Rafael, CA)
18:46:41.4023+00 , - :

Not the only album by this group. They release a followup a year later in 1970, "Getting to This". Not as good as the first album but a few good tracks. Ditto the request for "See My Way" from the first LP — one of the great rock guitar solos of all time. 
18:43:57.1109+00 , - :

Cracking track {#Devil_pimp}
mikec09  (Saugerties, NY - a top 10 coolest small town in America)
18:42:30.32562+00 , - :

Blodwyn Pig!  Great!

My kids think I'm nuts, when I play the other track from this album that I like ... "See My Way" ... which as the album jacket (album jacket?) notes indicated, strikes some folks as having some similarity to Ravel's "Bolero".

Add my thanks to all the thanks below ... and please consider playing "See My Way" sometime ... thanks!