Radio Paradise People

Bill Goldsmith has been programming & DJing progressive radio stations for a long time, but (as you might have noticed) there's not much room for creative, eclectic, and diverse radio on the FM band these days. That's what led to the founding of Radio Paradise in 2000.

Bill got his start in radio as a teenager in 1971, and worked as a program director and/or DJ at KFAT (San Jose, CA), KLRB (Carmel, CA), KPOI (Honolulu, HI), WCAS (Cambridge, MA), and assorted others. His last stop on the traditional dial was at the infamous KPIG (Santa Cruz, CA), where he started the world's first full-time Internet radio broadcast in 1995.

Bill handles all of the music scheduling & DJ duties at Radio Paradise, and supervises the technical end of things - doing all of the audio engineering & quite a bit of the web design and server administration. His email address is

Rebecca Goldsmith is the keeper of the keys to the kingdom for prospective entrants to the RP playlist. She devotes much of her day to reviewing CDs and listening to the songs submitted for consideration by listeners - a quite challenging task due to the volume of submissions received and the high standards that both she & Bill have regarding what gets played on Radio Paradise.

Rebecca is also RP's business manager, bookkeeper, and financial planner, and she handles artist & listener relations. You won't hear her on the air as much as Bill, but RP's high quality programming is very much a team effort. Her email address is

Bill & Rebecca have been together since 1996, and married since 1999. They started Radio Paradise in Feb. 2000.

Meet our girls, Bella (right) & Gracie. These two loving and spirited creatures just might be the most integral piece of the RP tapestry. They remind us what’s really important in this transitory life of ours - day after day, hour after hour - they remind us that it’s really all about the love and the joy. Both receiving it and giving it away.

Know that when you occasionally hear them competing for Bill’s airtime – barking and playing and being their joyful and rowdy selves – they’re just doing their part for the greater good. Feel free to take their squeals of delight as your cue that a ‘breather’ may just be the good and right course of action for you too.  

Radio Paradise also depends on our app developers Jarred (Android), Giacomo (iOS), and VT (Win8) — plus our photo editor Mike V, and techies John & Sam. And you! We definitely depend on the generous support we receive from listeners like you.

Thank you very much.