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Radio Paradise 2.0
Welcome to the new, improved Radio Paradise
With a playlist as broad and eclectic as ours, we understand that our song choices aren't always going to fit your mood or taste. Now, rather than listening to something you don't care for (or searching for something else to listen to), click the PSD button. We'll play another song instead, then fade back into the main stream when it's over.

If you don't care for what we select, or if the main stream still isn't to your liking when you return to it, click PSD again. You can click it as many times as you like.

At any point, you can click the "Main Stream" button above to start or return to the main RP stream. You can hover over any of the buttons above for an explanation of what they do.

About the PSD song choices
The PSD song choices are based in part on the ratings that you and your fellow RP listeners have given to songs in our library. The more songs you rate, the more of an impact your ratings will have on PSD song choices.

We use a rather complex formula to select PSD songs, but here are some general rules:

Rating a song 7 or higher will make it more likely to come up as a PSD choice for you. Rating a song 9 or higher will make it more likely to come up as a PSD choice for all RP listeners. Rating a song 9 or higher will also make it more likely that other songs by that artist will play as PSD choices for you. You can easily see what songs you've rated highly already via the Your Ratings link.

Rating a song 4 or lower means it will never come up as a PSD choice for you, and will also influence how often it comes up for other RP listeners.

Click the Playlist link to see a list of the PSD songs that have played for you during the past hour (as well as the main RP playlist, of course).

Rating & suggesting songs
We've made it much easier to rate the currently-playing song. Just use the rating selector to the left of the song title at the top of the page on the website or in the popup player or RPHD slideshow window.

Your song ratings don't just affect PSD choices. We also take your ratings and song comments into account when we're putting together the main RP playlist. We truly do value and appreciate your feedback on the songs in our library.

We're also always interested in your suggestions about artists and songs that you think would fit well on RP — particularly artists from outside the US, Canada, & UK (who we might not otherwise know about) or out-of-the-mainstream independent artists.

The best way to suggest new music to us is to upload songs. Here's our FAQ on how that works.

Note: since we use uploaded music in compliance with all copyright laws, and pay royalties to all artists played, you don't need permission from the artist or record label to upload songs to us.

Switching between the main website & the player or RPHD window
When you click the links on our front page to start the popup audio player or RPHD slideshow, control of the audio will pass from the main website to the popup window. If you have one of those windows open, you should use the "PSD" button on the popup window, not the one on the website.

If you have a player or RPHD window playing audio, the "PSD" button on the website player will cause two songs to play at once. This might be entertaining in some circumstances, but most likely you won't enjoy the results.

Your best bet will probably be to close the website window or tab when you open a popup window. As you'll see next, in most cases there's no real need for keeping the website open.

Audio player and RPHD slideshow functions
We've also made some major changes to the way the popup player windows function. You can now access all website content from within the player window. Click the song title and try it yourself. This eliminates the need to keep both a player window and the main website open.

You can also click the RP logo on either player window to access various player options. In fact, you'll see that there really aren't two separate players (audio only & RPHD slideshow) at all. It's the same player, opened by the two front page links with a different set of options. Play with it & customize the player to your liking.

Two songs playing at once? Everything have an Echo Echo Echo?
This means that you have two windows (a player and a browser window, 2 browser windows, etc.) open at once. Close one of them and the problem will go away.

We understand how annoying this can be. We've done everything we can to prevent it from happening, but some things are beyond our control.

Problems? Bugs? Suggestions?
The best way to bring problems to our atention is via a post to the Bug Reports & Feature Requests topic in our listener forum.

We appreciate you taking the time to let us know if you run into any issues — particularly with the new RP 2.0 features — and to let us know about anything you think we should add.