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Listening Links, Info, & Help:

To start listening, just click the "Play" button above. No registration or subscription is required to listen.

If the button above doesn't work, if you'd prefer a different bitrate or a specific player — or if you're on a dialup or satellite Internet connection — choose one of the links below.

You can also find us in the iTunes (& AppleTV) radio directory under "eclectic", and via most radio apps and standalone Internet radios (check under "Alternative" or search for us). Or use our free apps for iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone 8.

MP3 Links (should work in almost any player)
32k MP3 <- dialup
128k MP3 <- best choice in most cases
192k MP3 <- highest quality

Deprecated links:
64k MP3
16k MP3

Stream URL to add to an Internet radio unit:
Direct server links:

32k MP3 (US): http://stream-dc1.radioparadise.com/mp3-32
32k MP3 (Europe): http://stream-uk1.radioparadise.com/mp3-32
128k MP3 (US): http://stream-tx1.radioparadise.com/mp3-128
128k MP3 (US): http://stream-dc1.radioparadise.com/mp3-128
128k MP3 (Europe): http://stream-uk1.radioparadise.com/mp3-128
128k MP3 (Russia): http://stream-ru1.radioparadise.com:9000/mp3-128
192k MP3 (US): http://stream-tx3.radioparadise.com/mp3-192
192k MP3 (US): http://stream-dc1.radioparadise.com/mp3-192
192k MP3 (Europe): http://stream-uk1.radioparadise.com/mp3-192
192k MP3 (Russia): http://stream-ru1.radioparadise.com:9000/mp3-192
AAC Links (high fidelity at lower bitrates)
128k AAC <- truly awesome sound quality
64k AAC+ <- excellent sound
32k AAC+ <- great for mobile!
24k AAC+ <- best dialup sound quality

Stream URL to add to an Internet radio unit:
Direct server links:

32k AAC+ (US): http://stream-tx1.radioparadise.com/aac-32
32k AAC+ (Europe): http://stream-uk1.radioparadise.com/aac-32
32k AAC+ (Russia): http://stream-ru1.radioparadise.com:9000/aac-32
64k AAC+ (US): http://stream-tx1.radioparadise.com/aac-64
64k AAC+ (Europe): http://stream-uk1.radioparadise.com/aac-64
64k AAC+ (Russia): http://stream-ru1.radioparadise.com:9000/aac-64
128k AAC (US): http://stream-dc1.radioparadise.com/aac-128
128k AAC (Europe): http://stream-uk1.radioparadise.com/aac-128
128k AAC (Russia): http://stream-ru1.radioparadise.com:9000/aac-128
Ogg Vorbis
32k Ogg Vorbis
96k Ogg Vorbis
96k Ogg Vorbis (UK)
96k Ogg Vorbis (Russia)
192k Ogg Vorbis
192k Ogg Vorbis (Russia)
New: 96k Ogg Vorbis (with song title data)
New: 192k Ogg Vorbis (with song title data)

Ogg Vorbis is an open-source streaming format that offers better performance than MP3. The sound of our 96k Ogg stream compares favorably to even our 192k MP3 stream, and our new 192k Ogg stream sounds even better. Check it out.

We have not included song titles in our Ogg streams due to glitches with some players (notably VLC & certain hardware players). Since some players don't have this problem, we're now providing Ogg streams that include song title metadata. Players that reportedly don't glitch on title updates are Winamp, Audacious, foobar2000, ogg123, Rhythmbox, and Songbird.
Windows Media Links
64k/20k Windows Media (dialup or broadband)

We recommend these links only as a last resort. Most modern versions of Windows Media Player will play our MP3 or AAC links, which will give you better sound quality.
Smartphone & Tablet Listening
For listening recommendations for your specific device, go to radioparadise.com on your device's web browser - or download our free apps for iPhone, iPad, or Windows Phone. Search for "Radio Paradise" in your device's app store.
RealPlayer Links
Listen via TuneIn
Click here to listen via the TuneIn Radio site. TuneIn's website player should work on virtually any system, including those incompatible with our web player code.

TuneIn also has free apps available for all smartphone platforms, smart TVs, etc. You'll find us there under 'Alternative' or 'Eclectic'.
Flash Player (Game Consoles or Computer)
RP Flash Player (128k)
RP Flash Player (32k)

Plays within your web browser or game console. Currently NOT working in PS3, PSP, or Wii. We're working on those. Feedback on where it works & doesn't work is always welcome.
Need an Audio Player?
Windows: Winamp
Mac/Windows: iTunes
Mac: Fstream
Linux/Unix: Audacious
Linux KDE Desktop: amaroK
Multiple Platforms (incl. Linux & Mac): VLC
There are many other audio players out there that will work. These are the ones that seem to work the best. Be sure to follow the installation instructions carefully.

Questions? Problems?
If you can't get things to work, check our FAQ page. If nothing works, you can email bill@radioparadise.com as a last resort. Please be sure to try a variety of different links first, since at least one of them will generally work for you, no matter what type of system or connection you have.