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(Portland, Oregon)
Posted: Feb 15, 2018 14:16

This tune really sucks as background music. It's the sound of a band trying to piss off the record company. I'm usually all for that, but these guys do it too well. It's just crap noise.
(Sarah Palin's Hometown)
Posted: Feb 08, 2018 15:49

 SeriousLee wrote:
I miss Fight Club. Weird. 

Me too.  There's probably a solution for that.
Posted: Oct 11, 2017 3:11

One of the greatest most influential bands of all time with one of their greatest songs.
Thanks RP 
(Mihara, nestled in a cove on the SetoNaiKai, Japan)
Posted: Sep 26, 2017 12:22

I dig its radical and genius use of calculated cacophony and JAM... Makes me want to hear some Vines, Charlatans, Seahorses... 
(green + lovely Bavaria)
Posted: Aug 13, 2017 10:18

For me it s a 7 but gets an upgrade to 9 because of the album cover! Beautiful lady
(Raleigh, NC)
Posted: Jun 26, 2017 11:53

 hanssachs wrote:
it's just not that entertaining.

To whom?
(the strangest planet you've ever seen)
Posted: Jun 13, 2017 3:27

 Schmoogsley wrote:

UGH! Why did I read all that? 

Yep. Me too. Why?
(Dans l'milieu d'deux milles livres)
Posted: May 13, 2017 16:44

I miss Fight Club. Weird. 
(western NC)
Posted: Apr 26, 2017 13:08

Nobody quite like the old-school Pixies.  Pure love.
(Dallas, TX)
Posted: Apr 10, 2017 15:07

Doctors hate them, try this one weird trick and spin it...
Posted: Feb 24, 2017 8:22

Great album cover.
Posted: Dec 30, 2016 17:14

 hanssachs wrote:
This is coming up a bit too often in the rotation - it's just not that entertaining.

I think it's great and haven't heard it in ages - played 3 times in the 30 days, little high for RP but hardly excessive.
Posted: Dec 30, 2016 17:06

This is coming up a bit too often in the rotation - it's just not that entertaining.
(Here, there and everywhere)
Posted: Dec 05, 2016 15:01

 Miksalml wrote:
The common thread between Mr. Robot and Fight Club?

(Southampton, NY)
Posted: Oct 30, 2016 7:37

 DaidyBoy wrote:

My 10 year old lad is learning this on Rocksmith so my home is full of this.  All The Time.  We all love it now.  Well done, Tommy xxx


That's so Awesome
Posted: Oct 24, 2016 8:04

 easmann wrote:

"funny how when a song's average rating gets near 8, the comments turn desperately negative."

Interesting observation that. You're on to something there I'm certain. Going to have to ponder that one some. Not true of course that all of the comments turn negative but the frequency of negative comments (which is OK), and the level of insult (which is not OK), definitely increase.

"It's sometimes disappointing to find out you're old, I guess."

Could be true for some of them I reckon. I dunno, that smacks of insult too I think. Not probably true for the majority of negativisers though I'm thinking. I'm pretty sure there's a fair dose of the "it can't be good if it's popular" attitude in there too. The correlation between good and popular is pretty weak. Good does not guarantee popular, nor does popular guarantee good, it's possible for a song to be both, neither, or any combination of the two. And "good" being a subjective evaluation complicates things further.

In any case we're speculating on the reasons why but I agree with your observation that negative comments often increase with higher ratings, and I too sense there is frequently a desperate quality to them. And I too wonder why that is.

UGH! Why did I read all that? 
(Mighty Mighty Bostown)
Posted: Oct 24, 2016 8:03

 oldman wrote:
Perfect song after spending the day with a pair of CAD programs......

CAD gives me the same side effects,,,,I switched to Sketch-up,,,,,,
(Lost in Northern Virginia)
Posted: Sep 06, 2016 16:01

Perfect song after spending the day with a pair of CAD programs......
Posted: Sep 06, 2016 15:56

"Try this trick and spin it"
(Stratford Upon Avon, UK)
Posted: Aug 28, 2016 13:14

Where is my mind? Is it in the fridge under the lettuce? Did it slip behind the toilet? With the lint under the bed?