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(Sin City)
Posted: Dec 05, 2017 21:39

Nina is awesome!  {#Bananapiano}
Loved the stop-motion animated video btw
(Southampton, NY)
Posted: Oct 06, 2017 10:35

 Grammarcop wrote:
Yes, dear, I'll fix the dishwasher in a minute. I'm thinking right now...


this IS one of those stop everything pieces of music  : )
Posted: Dec 04, 2016 7:32

hey Bill, how about Bowie's version of "Wild Is The Wind" after this?
(mountains, rivers, and forests southeastern British Columbia)
Posted: Dec 04, 2016 7:05

Wish more music were unprocessed just live
Posted: Nov 03, 2016 16:32

 CoYoT51 wrote:
Strange version with some copypaste from the first part... well, more Nina is always great... even if here this sounds very artificial.

maybe she's singing it to casual for you?
she sounds good to me but maybe a bit mellowed-out
also love the band 
(Reims, France... then Lima, Peru.)
Posted: Jun 30, 2016 14:23

Strange version with some copypaste from the first part... well, more Nina is always great... even if here this sounds very artificial.
(Merchantville, NJ)
Posted: May 29, 2016 14:39

Simply sublime, love Nina
(Dans l'milieu d'deux milles livres)
Posted: Mar 26, 2016 15:17

Cool video video for this song.

Posted: Feb 23, 2016 21:38

yeah this is sweet
(A place with fresh water and great beer)
Posted: Apr 15, 2015 15:33

10 x 1.7 because ... why not? 
(The Commonwealth of Massachusetts - God Save It!)
Posted: Aug 13, 2014 16:24

Also a GREAT jazz pianist. Jus' sayin'. Mmmmhmmmn.
(2,755.46 mi. due east of Paradise)
Posted: Aug 07, 2014 19:52

There are so many definitions of "love." I think it's unavoidable to describe her voice without recourse to at least one of them.
(Abilene, Texas)
Posted: Aug 07, 2014 19:50

Love this song.

A wonderful evening of music.  Thanks RP.  
(somewhere in between)
Posted: Jun 06, 2014 4:41

perfect {#Dance}
Posted: Jan 31, 2014 0:32

{#Heartkiss}{#Heartkiss} "Outstanding"
Posted: Dec 30, 2013 3:55

Thank you Bill
(Connecticut, US)
Posted: Sep 26, 2013 14:54

Cooking dinner. Beautiful set of songs. Thanks!
Posted: Jun 24, 2013 3:47

Super smooth, soulful and spirited Simone sound, BABY, excellent choice to follow Amy Winehouse. Thank you Radio Paradise. For sure, it's something we can't see. :)
Posted: Mar 21, 2013 13:06

I love this and previous combo - check out Nina's version of Wild is the Wind !
(The cave (relocated))
Posted: Dec 17, 2012 10:58

Finally started paying attention to Nina Simone after watching Liv Perry dancing to this song with Carlo in that movie—oh you know the one. For awhile it was the first song on my Winamp playlist (after RP of course) and every now and then when my connection dropped I'd of a sudden be listening to it thinking that I was still listening to RP. Always knew it belonged here but surprisingly it's the first time I've actually heard it on RP.  Oh yeah, that movie was Stealing Beauty—not particularly memorable (to me) except that it led to a greater appreciation for more of Nina's music.