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(700 miles north of Paradise)
Posted: Jun 22, 2017 19:59

 myersei wrote:
one of the best pop/ dance songs ever written.

YES! Undoubtedly the reason I even tracked this track down.  My wife and I were talking about how he was the most famous person in my childhood (i.e. late 70s, 80s and early 90s) and up there with the Beatles (really Paul and John) and Elvis. 

What's so sad to me and many others is that it's hard to say for sure "he did molest kids" or "he did not molest kids" with 100% certainty.  I'm in the "he did not molest kids" group.  Of course he did have a pretty effed up life, what being a star at age 5, CRAZY dad and becoming the most famous person in the world.  When I went to Egypt in 1991, before his first accusation, EVERYONE there knew who MJ was, and not the basketball MJs.  RIP MJ.

So really, what I want to say to all of us at RP; MJ's music SHOULD be played here, and more than just the 4 tracks that come up when you search his name; he was the prince of pop, the best "song and dance man" since Bob Dylan! (LOL....if you know him, you know what that means)

Long Live RP!

(Denver, CO)
Posted: Nov 03, 2014 22:25

one of the best pop/ dance songs ever written.