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(700 miles north of Paradise)
Posted: May 23, 2018 15:29

In man's evolution he has created the cities and
The motor traffic rumble, but give me half a chance
And I'd be taking off my clothes and living in the jungle
'Cos the only time that I feel at ease
Is swinging up and down in a coconut tree
Oh what a life of luxury to be like an ape man


(Salt Lake City, Utah)
Posted: Oct 03, 2017 10:58

Yeah, after yesterday, this doesn't sound like such a bad idea.
(green + lovely Bavaria)
Posted: Oct 03, 2017 10:55

 glassman wrote:
Had this on 45 rpm

certainly me too - was a must at that time
(BC sage brush steppe)
Posted: Oct 03, 2017 10:55

7 because it is the Kinks and because the lyrics are great. 
(Lancaster, CA)
Posted: Sep 15, 2017 16:04

Good heavens do I hate the Kinks. Imma go ahead and PSD, ya'll enjoy this without me. Yech.
(west whatnot)
Posted: Jul 03, 2017 13:48

Wise words.  Please keep this in the rotation, Bill!
(700 miles north of Paradise)
Posted: May 03, 2017 14:34

how the HELL did I never hear this track before?  (the answer is that I've never been a 'punk' fan, so a lot of the early punk or protopunk was not my thing, but jezz this is freaking AWESOME)

9 right off....awesome play BillG!

(Nanaimo, British Columbia)
Posted: May 03, 2017 14:20

Had this on 45 rpm
Posted: Mar 03, 2017 11:10

One ape-man's utopia may be another ape-man's dystopia.

(Mihara, nestled in a cove on the SetoNaiKai, Japan)
Posted: Mar 03, 2017 11:02

YES! I remember the first time I heard this, and I FREAKED! The air pollution is a fuckin' up my eyes! Bill's right...it still resonates!