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(not me, Radio P) (3rd stone, sol, orion belt, milkyway..?)
Posted: Mar 13, 2018 5:10

Duane {#Notworthy}
(New York, New York)
Posted: Feb 23, 2018 10:14

Duane and Dickey! What more d'ya need?
Posted: Oct 08, 2017 17:34

 romeotuma wrote:

This is the cover of a Muddy Waters song...  they played this at a free festival in Atlanta in 1969— it got great newspaper reviews and put them on the map...  this was the first time Duane Allman played a bottleneck guitar on an album...

hayduke2 wrote:

Rock your naked butt off Dear Laz!!! To me this is transcendant bliss, brings a wide smile and a lazy-mule kicking bounce to my step, love and happiness HeeeHaw!!!

Everybody in my hotel room loves this classic cover...  it was the end of an era when Greg Allman passed away on May 27, 2017...  hope life is grand for you right this minute, hayduke2...  love Radio Paradise...
(Southampton, NY)
Posted: Aug 08, 2017 12:06

Mahalo KudaRey!!!  This is transcendant bliss  : )
Posted: Aug 08, 2017 12:04

Hell yes!!!!{#Dancingbanana_2}
(Mihara, nestled in a cove on the SetoNaiKai, Japan)
Posted: Jul 30, 2017 2:25

It's extremely hard to beat the Allman Brothers' multiple-assailant attack, isn't it? They had a unique sound, & I forever miss 'em dearly!
Posted: Jul 22, 2017 23:34

I recall seeing the ABB in I believe early 74 at the Orange Bowl in Miami. We drove up from Ft. Lauderdale and almost got killed when a truck slammed on its brakes in front of us on I-95 and we nearly skidded into the back of it.  Reflexes could be somewhat dull back then. I remember they were touring for the Eat a Peach album and had a peach eating contest after the last warm up band and before the ABB took the stage. I believe it was at this concert that they had to make a PSA that the windowpane was a 4 way hit as there were apparently a lot of people who figured that out a little too late. They always had first aid centers at concerts back then. They were particularly busy that day. Concerts were all day events usually consisting of at least 3-4 bands and cost around $12-$15. Even taking into account inflation, they were great deals. Wish we had cell phone cameras back then. Other than a couple of really old and faded tee shirts and maybe a couple of tattered ticket stubs, all I have are my somewhat equally faded memories. But they'z some good ones. 
(birthplace of the american revolution)
Posted: Jun 29, 2017 8:13

always great. 
Posted: May 29, 2017 22:02

RIP, Greg. 
Posted: Mar 08, 2017 14:22

I once worked a concert at the old Mississippi River Festival (outdoor venue near STL). I parked cars before the show, went in during the show as security, and then let cars out afterwards.

Never had so many bottles thrown at me in my entire life. Tough crowd. 

I remember Greg Allman being really wasted.    
(the west coast)
Posted: Feb 15, 2017 13:07

Posted: Dec 20, 2016 14:03

 mfcrowe wrote:
Saw them shortly before D.A.'s death. Summer of '71, a buddy was "shipping out" to join the Jesuits. Made a road trip to his home town of Cleveland and one of the things we did in a fairly debauched week was to see these guys put on an awesome show. This song was a part of the set.

I believe that I was at that same show, if it was in a tent venue called Music Carnival , right next to the Thistledown  racetrack.  Was a most excellent show.  My third ABB show by then.
Posted: Dec 20, 2016 13:46

 chinaski wrote:
Live at the Fillmore East and Eat a Peach were two of the most important albums of all time in my life back in the day. Forty some odd years ago already.

Me too :)
(NJ > DC > VA > TX > VA)
Posted: Aug 13, 2016 13:07

Live at the Fillmore East and Eat a Peach were two of the most important albums of all time in my life back in the day. Forty some odd years ago already.
(The Blue Planet)
Posted: May 10, 2016 0:22

Eat a Peach and Live at Fillmore East; The Allmans at their peak!
Posted: Apr 12, 2016 13:31

Posted: Feb 04, 2016 14:37

 Lazarus wrote:

Shazam!  Love it!  Amen!

Hallelujah! Bababooey!
(Wisconsin-quite woodsy)
Posted: Feb 04, 2016 14:36

Posted: Jan 23, 2015 7:48

What is that strange sound?

It's....it's slide guitar playing!!! And it's being played by a freakin genius in a super tight band that understands RnR!!!  

Hold it..two freakin guitar geniuses. . 
(Scotland via Belgium, Germany and LA)
Posted: Aug 24, 2014 12:07

Opening riff - Zappa, 'I'm A Little Pimp With My Hair Slicked Back'